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Rice Paper Bacun

Cause, really, what's weekend brunch without a little salty-smoky bacun? Rice Paper Bacun Ingredients 3 sheets rice paper wraps2 tsp grapeseed oil2 tsp nutritional yeast1 tbsp soy sauce1/2 tsp garlic powder1/4 tsp liquid smoke1/2 tsp maple syrup1/8 tsp smoke paprika Instructions Preheat oven to 400°F. Using sharp scissors, and doing your best to follow the pattern on… Continue reading Rice Paper Bacun

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Chickun “Things”

I can't take full credit for these... They're an adaptation of a recipe my dear Dad made up... But, they WILL change your life. Chickun "Things" Ingredients 1 1/2 cups Vital Wheat Gluten1 1/2 cups mashed potato flakes1/2 tsp salt1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp nutritional yeast2 tbsp olive oil1 cup vegetable broth1 tsp paprika1 tsp italian… Continue reading Chickun “Things”

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Cassava Bacun

Ok, ok, I'll admit, I've been on a bit of a breakfast kick lately, but, come on. It's the most important meal of the day, so we'd better get it right! Cassava Bacun Ingredients 1 cassava root1 tsp nutritional yeast1/3 cup soy sauce/tamari1 tbsp liquid smoke2 tbsp maple syrup1 tsp smoked paprikaground black pepper to taste… Continue reading Cassava Bacun

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Smoked Salmun

Looking vibrant, in a reusable mason jar! Recently, my dear (vegan) friend was craving salmon, and was feeling conflicted about it. I figured this was probably a fabulous opportunity to see if those cravings were satiable without harming any fishies! I did a little research, and put together this recipe: Smoked Salmun Ingredients 500g carrots4… Continue reading Smoked Salmun