Katy Teaches Plant-Based, Musings

First cooking class!

I like to think it was a success. First off, I want to give a big, huge thank you to everyone who took the time to come out last night and give me your (mostly) undivided attention while I talked about plant-based sauces.

It was a blast.

We gathered at my house, and I demoed my Cashew Hollandaise, as well as my basic Peanut Sauce, and Miso Gravy. Everyone tasted, and was (hopefully) inspired to try these guys at home!

I chose these recipes because they show pretty extreme ends of possibility for plant-based sauces. The hollandaise shows that you can achieve creamy without cream (cashews are a game-changer!), the peanut sauce shows that a lot of the great go to sauces are already plant-based (I have yet to try a peanut sauce that wasn’t, but, please, correct me if I’m wrong), and finally, the miso gravy shows that you can make the things you grew up with in a plant-based way, and not have to sacrifice anything in way of taste.

It was a really great experience for me, as well, because it really gave everyone the opportunity to open a dialogue about what inspiration they took away from the lesson, and what things they were excited to try, and expand on, for themselves.

The main takeaway? Fuck with it. There are so many awesome ways to make these recipes, and all recipes, your own. Just because I’m a giant ho for garlic, doesn’t mean you have to be. You can be a ho for sriracha, or onion, or whatever floats your boat. Take it home, make it your own. And fuck with it.

Thanks again, everyone who joined me last night! You are all delightful, and I’m excited to feed you again!

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